Compensation consultants bring the know-how when it comes to the area of compensation and benefits, together with their previous experiences with varying situations and solutions. The compensation consultant must give advice on the compensation strategy on the pay market and to share the best practices in the area of compensation and benefits. The compensation consultant must not give the final decision as to what the compensation strategy will be used, but just give the necessary feedback or tips in the designing process of a company's strategy. The outstanding compensation consulting firm is not hesitant to ask clients for feedback and how the solutions work in practice. This will help him or her identify which practice is good or not. 

The compensation consultant can envision new solutions for a company which can help build the HR competitive advantage in other organizations. The compensation consultant can also help in designing the newest and most effective strategy and help compensation consulting firmssave huge amounts of money in the future. An organization should hire the compensation consultant at the right time. It has to set clear goals and targets for the consultant to follow. Without strict goals, the organization will not be able to use the expertise of the compensation consultant effectively. The consultant has a wide knowledge of the compensation pay market and knows about the best practices in this field. These should be used as an advantage. It is the organization that should make the final decisions on the marketing strategy. The most common responsibility of a compensation consultant is to compare the current compensation strategy of an organization to the best practices that are available. The consultant will be given access to the whole organization's salary data.